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(4 Janv, 2007)
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ill titleWelcome !

Bass Overdubs Online is designed for anyone in need of real, live, creative custom bass tracks online - regardless of style.

ill_1Now there’s an easy way for songwriters, producers, artists, engineers, and even bands to add custom bass parts to their songs without the hassle of doing it themselves. Home-based recording is everywhere these days, but not every studio owner is a professional bassist! I’ll overdub a rock-solid, tasteful custom bass track that will compliment your song in every way - satisfaction guaranteed.


ill titleThe Bottom Line


Your projects deserve the very best foundation - no questions about time, feel, sound, intonation, etc. A great-sounding bass track can add amazing life to a song and give it extra "punch". I work with several clients who are great programmers, but have me replace their bass tracks to add the subtleties only real bass can bring – things that make the end result that much better. Visit How It Works and see how easy it is to get started. You will not be disappointed!

ill titleNeed More?

What if you need to overdub more than a custom bass track to your songs? I also program drums – who better to tell the drummer what to do than the bass player! I’ve programmed literally hundreds of songs, striving for complete realism in sound and feel. Check out the DRUMS! page.